RetroBros™ Quality Control Process Overview for TinyTendo™
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RetroBros™ Quality Control Process Overview for TinyTendo™

At RetroBros™, our commitment to delivering high-quality gaming consoles is paramount. This document outlines the meticulous quality control process each TinyTendo™ unit undergoes, ensuring that our customers receive products that meet and exceed their expectations.

1. Receipt of Components and Initial Assessment

  • Upon receipt of components from our suppliers, a preliminary quality assessment is conducted to identify any visible defects or inconsistencies.
  • Components are stored in a controlled environment to prevent damage or degradation.

2. Assembly and First-Level Quality Check

  • TinyTendo™ units are assembled by trained technicians following standardized procedures to ensure consistency.
  • A first-level quality check is performed post-assembly, focusing on the build quality and integrity of the unit.

3. Functional Testing

  • Each unit undergoes a comprehensive functional test, which includes:
  • Game Functionality: Testing all pre-loaded games for proper loading and playability.
  • Audio and Visual Check: Ensuring the audio is clear and the screen displays vibrant colors without any distortion.
  • Button Responsiveness: Verifying that all buttons and controls respond accurately and promptly.
  • Connectivity Tests: Confirming the functionality of all ports and wireless connectivity features.

4. Endurance and Stress Testing

  • Units are subjected to endurance tests to simulate extended usage.
  • Stress tests are conducted to assess the unit’s performance under various environmental conditions.

5. Final Inspection and Approval

  • A final inspection is carried out by a senior quality control officer. This includes a repeat of all previous tests and a thorough physical inspection.
  • Units that pass this stage are marked with a final approval and are ready for packaging.

6. Packaging and Pre-Shipment Inspection

  • Each TinyTendo™ is securely packaged with protective materials to prevent damage during shipping.
  • A pre-shipment inspection is conducted to ensure the packaging is intact and includes all necessary components (cables, manuals, etc.).

    7. Quality Assurance Certification

    • Units that clear all stages of the quality control process are issued a Quality Assurance Certificate, which is included in the package.
    • This certificate serves as a guarantee of the product’s quality at the time of shipment.

    8. Continuous Improvement

    • We regularly review and update our quality control processes based on customer feedback and technological advancements to continually enhance product quality.


    Our exhaustive quality control process reflects our dedication to delivering only the best to our customers. The TinyTendo™, a product of rigorous testing and careful craftsmanship, stands as a testament to RetroBros™’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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